BostonBRT seeks partners to pilot Gold Standard BRT elements in Massachusetts

BostonBRT is offering technical, planning, and outreach support to selected grantees to plan and pilot BRT on select corridors. Grants for technical support can be awarded up to $100,000, and can be augmented by municipal or other funds. Our goal through this process is to collaborate with grantees to:

1) Help educate the public (both people who ride the bus and who drive cars) about the possibilities of Gold Standard BRT 

2) Collect data on how better bus design impacts streets and the larger neighborhood ecosystem.

BostonBRT is a research and community engagement initiative raising awareness about the opportunities of Gold Standard BRT and demonstrating how it can be part of Greater Boston’s mobility planning. The campaign has built substantive engagement among elected officials, local municipalities, community advocacy groups, and the MBTA. We are proactively seeking to turn this solid planning and outreach work into a highly visible campaign that creates excitement for advancing several pilots that can be successfully implemented with local and agency partners. 

Municipalities, planners, transit advocates, community organizations, or other entities with an interest in transit equity, local economic development, or the environment and the ability to carry out a pilot implementation program are welcome to apply. Applicants must be affiliated with municipalities, nonprofit organizations, or neighborhood and business associations. 

 Proposals were due on 5/31, and grantees will be announced by the end of June 2017.

Download the PDF with details of the Request for Proposals or view below.

Update: RFP Q&A 4/28/2017 [link to PDF]