ID: 10007

The Archway

Meow Wow Architects

Edbert Cheng

The Archway is my interpretation of ¨exible transit architecture. Drawing on the iconic architecture of Boston, the archway combines the monumentality of Richardsonian Romanesque arches and the cantilevers of Boston’s brutalist buildings to create a contemporary “Cathedral to Transit”. The structure is a series of thin steel arched walls that, when combined in a grid, forms a ribbed vault-like space that becomes the waiting area for the BRT bus. Variations on the structure form the central island boarding platform and the curb-side right-side boarding platform. The arch form “hugs” the BRT bus as it comes and goes. Di©erent colors can be applied to the “architraves” of the station to denote di©erent BRT lines and neighborhoods. The “lego” like construction of the Archway BRT system allows for easy construction and deconstruction, as the BRT station line grows and adapts to the changing city.