The BostonBRT Station Design Competition is an ideas competition for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations in Boston.  The competition creates opportunity to showcase creative, innovative and inspiring modern design for a critical part of the BRT System: The Station.  

Join us in bringing to life exciting new ideas for BRT stations that are state-of-the-art, create a sense of civic pride, and deliver a transformative world-class transit experience to Bostonians.

BRT Stations from around the world

BRT Stations from around the world

BRT, which doesn’t yet exist in Massachusetts, is a transformational bus system being adopted by cities around the world to carry millions of people comfortably and reliably each day. Gold-Standard BRT combines multiple elements to make it a highly efficient and cost-effective mode.

Covered stations are a core feature of the BRT experience. While traditional buses have “stops” marked only by a sign and sometimes a bench, BRT vehicles come and go from stations that are sheltered, weatherproof, brightly lit, and architecturally considered.

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