The BostonBRT Station Design Competition is an ideas competition for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations in Boston.  The competition creates opportunity to showcase creative, innovative and inspiring modern design for a critical part of the BRT System: The Station.  

Join us in bringing to life exciting new ideas for BRT stations that are state-of-the-art, create a sense of civic pride, and deliver a transformative world-class transit experience to Bostonians.

BRT, which doesn’t yet exist in Massachusetts, is a transformational bus system being adopted by cities around the world to carry millions of people comfortably and reliably each day. Gold-Standard BRT combines multiple elements to make it a highly efficient and cost-effective mode.

Covered stations are a core feature of the BRT experience. While traditional buses have “stops” marked only by a sign and sometimes a bench, BRT vehicles come and go from stations that are sheltered, weatherproof, brightly lit, and architecturally considered.

Download the PDF with details of the contest.

Winners will be announced on May 23rd at StreetTalk: Cities on the Move, a reception and panel discussion hosted by the LivableStreets Alliance.

View Submissions and Winners

Project Title: Urban Arbor [3rd Place Winner]

Team Members: Kyle Coburn, Elle Gerdeman


Project Title: Urban Lens

Firm Name: Atelier et Alia

Team Members:  Christina Marsh, Kristen Giannatasio

Project Title: The Archway

Firm Name: Meow Wow Architects

Team Members: Edbert Cheng and Ivory Wang

Project Title: Billow [1st Place Winner]

Firm name: Utile

Team members Ingrid Bengtson (lead designer), Emily Kruse, Charlotte Lipschitz, Tim Love (team leader), Gautam Palav, Margaret Rew, Jessica Robertson, Joshua Simoneau

Project Title: BostonBRT Station Design Competition

Firm name: Kamlesh Mistry

Team member name(s): Kamlesh Mistry, Prasenjit Biswas, Ninad Naik, Anita Uttarkar

Project Title:  RootBRT [2nd Place Winner]

Firm Names: NBBJ, Kittelson Associates

Team Member Names:Chris Herlich, Pablo Licari, Jim Gresalfi, Maxwell Nie, Alan Mountjoy, Sarah Markovitz, Conor Semler, Ellen Moshier

Project Title: Make [Your Neighborhood] Closer

Firm Name: Idealab Architecture and Design

Team Member: Daniel Riggs

Project Title: The Boston BRT

Team Member Name: Royce Perez


Project Title: Federal Shed

Team member Randy Plemel



Project Title: Blue Hill Avenue BRT

Team Members: Ari Ofsevit, Jeremy Garczynski



Project Title: FREEDOM TRAIL

Team Name: Populous

Team Members: Derrick Choi, Jaebong Jeon


Project Title: BRT-ONE

Team members: Edward Lamson, Alifa Putri, Armando Sullivan, Mayu Takeda, and Anne Xiangyu Chen